4th December 2016

Testimonial from slave Phil


My Princess Lucina, I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed our last session and cannot wait until the next.

Princess you are an exceptionally beautiful domme and despite your youth you are very experienced – the best I have experienced.

Princess you are very tactile and you communicate all the time with your beautiful eyes and sensual voice.

Princess I liken our sessions to a sensual roller coaster. You take me to levels I have not experienced before ? a wonderful balance of sensual and painful sensations. Absolutely wonderful. However you take great care to build up slowly but when you want, Princess, the pain can be severe, but you do it such a nice, almost soothing, way.

Princess, you are wonderful but even more wonderful in your catsuit & cape. I love to worship you all over wearing your lovely catsuit. You are so powerful in your swishy cape and I love to serve you in any way I can.

Princess I am here to please you and I will seek to do this better every time we meet.

Princess, until next time?

Your loyal slave phil

Slave Phil

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