17th March 2019

Testimonial from Slave Limp-dick

This Limp-dick had the audacity to request a session with Princess Lucina and She graciously granted it. When it arrived at Her dungeon, the Limp-dick (which had limited previous experience of Mistresses) was overawed by the array of BDSM equipment, the tidy and clean arrangements, the subdued lighting, and most of all by the wonderful presence of its new Mistress.

Princess Lucina is warm, kind, understanding, welcoming… and implacable. The Limp-dick was informed that every part of its body was now Her property, to be used as She pleased, and its sole purpose was to submit to Her superiority and obey Her every command. It was glad to do as She ordered. To act the part of a submissive is one thing; to become truly and gladly submissive at heart is another. Princess Lucina can make any slave submit completely without raising her voice or ceasing to smile. The slave soon has no need to act.

The Limp-dick relished Her creative and imaginative use of Her toys when she inflicted CBT on it, it loved Her use of the winch and flogger, and when it was strapped to Her St Andrew’s cross and forced to move its body so the weights on its balls swung in a manner both painful and humiliating it relished her laughter – and the amusement of another Mistress who was invited to witness its degradation. Writing this testimonial, a day after that wonderful one-hour session, it can still taste its Mistress’s boots, which it was graciously permitted to lick, and its cock and balls remain deliciously painful.

It hopes it might be granted the privilege of another appointment with this sublime Mistress in the future.

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