4th December 2016

Testimonial from an anonymous slave


If I fell into the fires of hell
That would suit me very well
Consumed by passion and with fire
BDSM is what I desire

Lucina has me on a lead
Don’t rescue me I plead
She takes me on a journey into the dark
With her knife my body she does mark

All my body she does thrill
When I take her satanic pill
I kneel before Lucina sitting stately on her throne
Drinking her golden nectar it becomes my own

Scratching her name on my naked chest
Princess then flogs me, six of the best
My balls she kicks with her feet
Slave stands fast and does not retreat

Hammering nails into my cock and ball
She does not hesitate at all
Delightfully watching me squirm
Lucina hammers each nail down in turn

Princess With her whip she does attack
Leaving stripy red marks upon my back
Then it’s the turn of my helpless cock
She connects it to the electric machine and gives it a shock

How far up the electric scale
Can I take before I dance and wail
The electricity on my cock begins to pulsate
Just like the fires of hell burning, it feels just great

For a moment she hesitates
Then on my balls hangs heavy weights
Lucina wickedly kicks my stretching balls
It doesn’t bother her dark slave at all

To my Owner & Mistress
From Your dark slave

From an Anonymous Slave

About Mistress Lucina