4th December 2016

Testimonial from an anonymous slave


Today was not the first time I had sessioned with Princess Lucina. I first came across her web site about six months ago and from the moment i saw the pictures of her clad in her SS Uniform I was captivated. After an exchange of emails I arranged a visit. It was wonderful. Everything and more than I had hoped for.

The second visit was even better and so today I made my third pilgrimage. I had already supplied a detailed scenario. I was to play the role of a captured British agent in Nazi occupied Europe. As I sat in my cell clutching my trousers around my waist (They had taken away my belt) I resolved that I would not give away my contact details and relied heavily on my religiious beliefs to help me. Soon I was ushered into the presence of the beautiful “Major Monika”

With a cruel smile she ordered me to “put my hands on my head”. As I did so my trousers dropped slowly to my ankles. As she flicked her crop around my cock and balls she told me how stupid and undignified I looked. I certainly felt it! Bravely I gave her my name rank and serial number and told her I could and would not tell her anything else. Laughing she looked me in the eyes and promised “that before the day was out I would be licking her boots and begging for mercy. NEVER! I replied. Soon I was secured to the whipping bench. I gritted my teeth as her crop beat a tattoo of pain across my buttocks. Eventually the beating stopped. Lifting my head she looked into my eyes again. “This is just a warm up” she smiled. “Ready to talk ?” I shook my head. “NO”

Next I found myself on the upright whipping frame. Despite my terrible predicament I could not ignore her dark beauty or the teasing glimpse of cleavage that nestled in the V of her uniform jacket. Tying a length of strong cord arround my balls she began to viscously pull and stretch my balls to the absolute limit. “Contact name password telephone number” she asked over and over again. Still I resisted.

Now she lit a candle and as she waited for the wax to form she repeated her questions. The hot wax was excruciating. Eventually to give myself some respite I gave her my password (not much use without the name and phone number). Still the wax dripped onto my cock and that cruel smile never left her face.

After a while the “Major” told me she required some lunch and would be back soon. “Don’t go away” she called laughingly over her shoulder. I don’t know how long I hung there it seemed an eternity. My throat was parched and my body ached. The sound of booted feet in the hallway heralded her return and I was consumed with terror. She carried a glass of water. Taking a sip she asked me if I would like some. “Please” I nodded. With a wicked grin she threw the lot in my face. “More questions first I think”.

Now I found myself on the interrogation bench. “What now I” wondered. My question was soon answered as she began to attach electodes to my cock. There were still traces of water on my body. This could be interesting she giggled noticing the droplets that lingered near my cock and balls. I could feel my resolve slipping quickly away. I was right! Questions followed by jolts of electricity and still her beautiful face was wreathed in cruel smiles. I’m ashamed to say I told her evrything but still it continued. “Just making sure” she smiled almost apologetically.

When I was finally released I did what she promised I would. I licked her boots. I begged for mercy. Willing to do anything rather than face more pain. Her smile was now one of tirumph as she led me through a series of utterly degrading tasks to please Her, before finally allowing me to leave, broken but blissfully happy.

From an Anonymous Slave

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