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Please be aware that since I no longer session from My own Chamber the protocol has to be a lot stricter so please read this before contacting Me so you know to approach Me and what to expect – and what not to.


I am available to take calls and session between 11am to 6pm Tuesday to Saturday.

  • 60 Mins £190
  • 90 Mins £290
  • 120 Mins £380

Please do not try and negotiate the tribute as this is an insult to other slave who are happy to pay in full.


Where as I used to be a little laid back regarding deposits Im afraid this is no longer the case. I will need a £100 deposit for each hour paid before I can secure any booking and there are no exceptions for this!


In order to secure your session you must confirm by text or email on the day by 9am, that you are still ok to attend.

Be on time. If it looks like you are going to be late despite your best laid plans then keep Me informed as early as possible.


I am sure that if you are thinking about having a session then you already have ideas about what areas of play you like or are interested in. By being honest with Me, I can help you achieve these fantasy’s and provide the best possible session. If you cant be relaxed and open with a Mistress there is no one else. I never judge.

I never like to rush sessions giving time both before and after. There will be time to discuss and assess your limitations. You must also inform me of any pre-existing medical conditions.


For most slaves being clean is a priority but it is always worth a mention that turning up for a session unclean and smelly is not acceptable. I do have shower facilities if required.

If you are wanting anal training and/or strap on play being clean is a must and the session will have to stop if this is not so. You will have to arrive clean as I do not provide and enema although I do have a douche facility.


You can contact Me Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm via phone 07719 415 496. If I am not available you can leave Me a voice mail but I will only return your call if you state that it is safe to do so. I am also available to contact via e-mail

When you call you will find Me warm and friendly as I do not believe that having bad manners is part of being dominant. I do realise that in order to find the right Mistress you may have genuine questions but do note if I feel you are a time waster I will cut the conversation short.

I do not do outcalls.


If you would like to buy Me a gift you will find My wish list which is on Amazon here.