Manchester Mistress Lucina - Intro

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I am a stunning lifestyle Mistress with over 20 years of experience. Please note that the Stockport Dungeon is no longer available so until I find somewhere new I will sessioning from a Chamber in Ashton-under-lyne which is very comfortable and has everything I need to have My fun.

I have been described many times as a sadist and it is very true I do love severe play and pushing limits. I also get a lot of satisfaction from helping the novice and inexperienced novice. Due to My vast experience I can cover almost every area of play and have done so over the years.

I am not the loud foot-stomping type of Mistress calling you all the names under the sun, unless of course in a Role play scenario where this can be done very naturally. My natural style however is more of a quiet Dominance. An unspoken menace. The silence and meaningful looks are almost more significant than words.