2nd January 2017

Re-vamped website

Welcome to My re-vamped website!!
With over 12 years experience I was the first Mistress I know to coin the phrase ‘sensual sadist’ and that describes Me perfectly. I can be very harsh, pushing your boundaries to the extremes, taking your further and further each time and I do have quite a reputation for that. On the flip side I can be very sensual Encapturing you by My beauty, drawing you in with My mystical green eyes and have you begging to give yourself to Me completely.
My approach can range from mild to wild. However I always operate along safe, sane and consensual lines.
My sessions focus primarily on the interaction between myself and any submissive who kneels before Me. My delicious toys of torment and specially designed furniture merely facilitate what is effectively a glorious theatre
I do not list, you will learn quickly that I serve nobody. However, I take particular pleasure in playing in the following areas:
Psychodrama/Elaborate Role Play including kidnap and interrogation
Strap-On play
Corporal Punishment from gentile to searing
CBT and Nipple Torture from delicious to overwhelmingly intense
Sensory deprivation and overload
TV transformation
Medical play
Edge and knife play
Adult Babies welcome (but no soiling)
However, I am never prescriptive, I have a thirst for knowledge and a genuine desire to experience new areas of play. Do not be concerned about having your own ideas slave. The worst I can do is… *smiles*, let’s leave that to your imagination, My pet.

I have My own Dungeon on the edge of Manchester, close to public transport links and has a free car park available for those commuting by car. Once desending the steps to the private front entrance of the Dungeon you’ll enter into the reception area where I will greet you in a warm manner, that is until the Dungeon door closes *smirk*. I have two fully equipped rooms each with a shower, a small confinement cell and a large Alkatraz cell. I session Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm and sessions start from 30 minutes. Overnights are available, though they are with minimal interaction.
For ideas or to have a look at some previous sessions I have done look through My galleries page. If you are new to the BDSM world don’t be scared, I have taken many new souls on a journey of devotion and ecstacy and not lost any on the way!!!
I look forward to hearing from you, you will never look back.

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