15th June 2019

A Testimonial

I very recently had the extreme pleasure of playing co-star alongside Princess Lucina, as the main lead, in a psychodrama roleplaying scene.

Over the years I have unfortunately needed to spend periods of time receiving legitimate medical attention whilst at the same time harbouring a unwavering fetish of judicial execution and have often wondered what would be if reality and fantasy were to merge and with the extremely talented Princess Lucina playing the role of doctor/executioner and myself playing the role of patient/prisoner I finally found out.

Let me say from the outset that where Princess Lucina differs from other Mistresses I have visited is that Princess Lucina actually listens to what her clients ask of her and delivers upon it.

From the moment you enter her premises you are made so welcome it is hard to believe it is in fact your first time visit. She is an extremely charming young lady with a meticulous eye for the minutiae of the experience you wish to encounter but somehow at the same time you also get the feeling – and the correct feeling at that – that she is in fact drinking you all in and working out how to provide the best possible experience to her client.

Prior to the mock execution I had aways wanted to attempt breath-play but had always been somewhat cautious of undertaking this activity. Under the careful guidance of Princess Lucina I was introduced to what can only be described as the most sensual, relaxing experience ever and as a consequence am now left wondering what it was I was so scared about in the first instance!

After a quick change of scene it was now time to be led to the authentic looking, iron barred prison cell and more importantly the waiting noose, hanging directly in the centre of the small dimly lit room. Having recited the official prayers for the condemned prisoner, whilst being forced to gaze upon the hanging rope that would soon be responsible for taking my life, it was indeed now time to be placed in the correct spot. As the restraining straps were tightened, the obligatory black hood placed over my head and feeling the noose being slowly and sensually positioned around my neck I will freely admit for one fleeting second of actually wondering to myself if Princess Lucina did actually realise that this was only a fantasy of mine and I did not in fact really wish to die! At this point, having had the last rites formally read out to me, I felt the noose begin to tighten around my neck along with a sudden feeling of intense euphoria, coursing through my entire body.

Thankfully, for myself and needless to say Princess Lucina, all too soon the noose was loosened and she very forgivingly allowed me to walk away from the rope and the prison cell. However, that does not mean I won’t be returning for a second visit and perhaps next time when she tightens that noose around my neck, well I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see…🙂

17th March 2019

Testimonial from Slave Limp-dick

This Limp-dick had the audacity to request a session with Princess Lucina and She graciously granted it. When it arrived at Her dungeon, the Limp-dick (which had limited previous experience of Mistresses) was overawed by the array of BDSM equipment, the tidy and clean arrangements, the subdued lighting, and most of all by the wonderful presence of its new Mistress.

Princess Lucina is warm, kind, understanding, welcoming… and implacable. The Limp-dick was informed that every part of its body was now Her property, to be used as She pleased, and its sole purpose was to submit to Her superiority and obey Her every command. It was glad to do as She ordered. To act the part of a submissive is one thing; to become truly and gladly submissive at heart is another. Princess Lucina can make any slave submit completely without raising her voice or ceasing to smile. The slave soon has no need to act.

The Limp-dick relished Her creative and imaginative use of Her toys when she inflicted CBT on it, it loved Her use of the winch and flogger, and when it was strapped to Her St Andrew’s cross and forced to move its body so the weights on its balls swung in a manner both painful and humiliating it relished her laughter – and the amusement of another Mistress who was invited to witness its degradation. Writing this testimonial, a day after that wonderful one-hour session, it can still taste its Mistress’s boots, which it was graciously permitted to lick, and its cock and balls remain deliciously painful.

It hopes it might be granted the privilege of another appointment with this sublime Mistress in the future.

24th November 2017

Testimonial from a Newbie

I visited Princess Lucina as a new sub, who had no experience in being at the feet of a Mistress before. I had all the anxieties and worries that we all feel before we step through that door into the unknown.
And when I stood on that threshold, a beautiful Goddess smiled and reached out, taking my hand and leading me safely into the darkness.

It is a testament to Her skill and experience that She made me feel like a valuable trained sub, when I could only have been a clumsy novice.

Princess Lucina is a true Domme; it is who and what She is, not a job She does or a role She plays. She inspires a sub to want to serve Her, to do his or her best to please Her. She does not need to shout or threaten. The only punishment it would be truly impossible to take would be to disappoint Her.
If we are truly lucky, we find the right Domme for us. I feel blessed that I have found my perfect Goddess.

2nd January 2017

Re-vamped website

Welcome to My re-vamped website!!
With over 12 years experience I was the first Mistress I know to coin the phrase ‘sensual sadist’ and that describes Me perfectly. I can be very harsh, pushing your boundaries to the extremes, taking your further and further each time and I do have quite a reputation for that. On the flip side I can be very sensual Encapturing you by My beauty, drawing you in with My mystical green eyes and have you begging to give yourself to Me completely.
My approach can range from mild to wild. However I always operate along safe, sane and consensual lines.
My sessions focus primarily on the interaction between myself and any submissive who kneels before Me. My delicious toys of torment and specially designed furniture merely facilitate what is effectively a glorious theatre
I do not list, you will learn quickly that I serve nobody. However, I take particular pleasure in playing in the following areas:
Psychodrama/Elaborate Role Play including kidnap and interrogation
Strap-On play
Corporal Punishment from gentile to searing
CBT and Nipple Torture from delicious to overwhelmingly intense
Sensory deprivation and overload
TV transformation
Medical play
Edge and knife play
Adult Babies welcome (but no soiling)
However, I am never prescriptive, I have a thirst for knowledge and a genuine desire to experience new areas of play. Do not be concerned about having your own ideas slave. The worst I can do is… *smiles*, let’s leave that to your imagination, My pet.

I have My own Dungeon on the edge of Manchester, close to public transport links and has a free car park available for those commuting by car. Once desending the steps to the private front entrance of the Dungeon you’ll enter into the reception area where I will greet you in a warm manner, that is until the Dungeon door closes *smirk*. I have two fully equipped rooms each with a shower, a small confinement cell and a large Alkatraz cell. I session Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm and sessions start from 30 minutes. Overnights are available, though they are with minimal interaction.
For ideas or to have a look at some previous sessions I have done look through My galleries page. If you are new to the BDSM world don’t be scared, I have taken many new souls on a journey of devotion and ecstacy and not lost any on the way!!!
I look forward to hearing from you, you will never look back.

Website Updates
4th December 2016

Testimonial from slave Jordan

Testimonial from Jordan

I’d been flirting with the idea of visiting a Mistress for a while,so I eventually contacted Princess Lucina of Stockport bdsm as her website spelled out everything in good detail. After a brief,relaxed chat about what I was after,we arranged a session. As many,I presume,ask for a specific session to indulge in certain kinks,fetishes and fantasies like spanking,double domination, watersports etc,I chose not to ask as I felt I would be in safe hands with such a credible Mistress,and the excitement of the unknown is an added bonus.

As I arrived at the dungeon early,I messaged Mistress to let her know I would be waiting for her,I received a message back to make my way to the entrance of the premises and knock on. This was an exiting,nervous moment for me and as soon as the door opened I was greeted with a beautiful smile and a hug from the gorgeous,sexy Princess Lucina and as i was shown to a large room filled with all sorts of things id only ever seen online, I passed and was introduced to another Mistress,Miss Luci White. As I entered the room I gave Mistress her tribute and received another beautiful smile and was left to get showered. A few minutes later after id showered,and placed myself on my knees on the floor and with mood setting music suited to the scene in the background,Princess Lucina re-entered the room and our session began.

I dont really know what I expected,maybe a moody,bad mannered bitch,a screaming physco maybe,but no,I was made to feel at ease all along and knew Mistresses natural,calm attitude which,without demanding it, was expected and respect was duly given.

As I looked up,from her boots,past her gorgeous legs and up to her face, another smile was given to me and a warm hello.

With furter instruction to kneel infront of Mistress as she sat on her throne, I began kissing and licking her shoes clean and being rewarded with being a good boy and more smiles,i was loving handing over myself to her. And now,the fun really began as Princess Lucina left the room and came back in,unexpected with another, beautiful blonde Mistress,Mistress Luci White whom id seen in the reception area before. The rapport between these two phenomenal Mistresses was amazing and with more instruction I was dressed as a little sissy, bound to a cross and had the rest of my dignity,beautifully removed from me. I was,and still am to this day in awe of these two outrageously gorgeous ladies. After a few more amazing scenario’s including being the centre of attention in a spit toast by two “stunt cocks” as they were called, haha, spanking, and another of being drenched in golden nectar I was in a state of pure bliss.

This happened last year,and now I regularly meet these beautiful ladies to session with and the relationship,fun and games only gets better. I am now,a proud owner of my own personal collar.

Thank you Miss Luci White and Princess Lucina.

love,slave Jordan.x

4th December 2016

Testimonial from anonymous

I visited Mistress for the first time today. Unlike last time i vististed a Mistress, Mistress made me feel very warmed and welcomed into her prescence. the was no rush about the session at all and throughly enjoyable and well catered for my wishes . would definately recommend thsi Mistress to anyone not only for her amazing sessions but her friendly warm welcome that i received as soon as i contacted Mistress from the beginning. Been a real pleasure to be in the company of a Beautiful, friendly, kind Mistress.


4th December 2016

Testimonial from an anonymous slave


Today was not the first time I had sessioned with Princess Lucina. I first came across her web site about six months ago and from the moment i saw the pictures of her clad in her SS Uniform I was captivated. After an exchange of emails I arranged a visit. It was wonderful. Everything and more than I had hoped for.

The second visit was even better and so today I made my third pilgrimage. I had already supplied a detailed scenario. I was to play the role of a captured British agent in Nazi occupied Europe. As I sat in my cell clutching my trousers around my waist (They had taken away my belt) I resolved that I would not give away my contact details and relied heavily on my religiious beliefs to help me. Soon I was ushered into the presence of the beautiful “Major Monika”

With a cruel smile she ordered me to “put my hands on my head”. As I did so my trousers dropped slowly to my ankles. As she flicked her crop around my cock and balls she told me how stupid and undignified I looked. I certainly felt it! Bravely I gave her my name rank and serial number and told her I could and would not tell her anything else. Laughing she looked me in the eyes and promised “that before the day was out I would be licking her boots and begging for mercy. NEVER! I replied. Soon I was secured to the whipping bench. I gritted my teeth as her crop beat a tattoo of pain across my buttocks. Eventually the beating stopped. Lifting my head she looked into my eyes again. “This is just a warm up” she smiled. “Ready to talk ?” I shook my head. “NO”

Next I found myself on the upright whipping frame. Despite my terrible predicament I could not ignore her dark beauty or the teasing glimpse of cleavage that nestled in the V of her uniform jacket. Tying a length of strong cord arround my balls she began to viscously pull and stretch my balls to the absolute limit. “Contact name password telephone number” she asked over and over again. Still I resisted.

Now she lit a candle and as she waited for the wax to form she repeated her questions. The hot wax was excruciating. Eventually to give myself some respite I gave her my password (not much use without the name and phone number). Still the wax dripped onto my cock and that cruel smile never left her face.

After a while the “Major” told me she required some lunch and would be back soon. “Don’t go away” she called laughingly over her shoulder. I don’t know how long I hung there it seemed an eternity. My throat was parched and my body ached. The sound of booted feet in the hallway heralded her return and I was consumed with terror. She carried a glass of water. Taking a sip she asked me if I would like some. “Please” I nodded. With a wicked grin she threw the lot in my face. “More questions first I think”.

Now I found myself on the interrogation bench. “What now I” wondered. My question was soon answered as she began to attach electodes to my cock. There were still traces of water on my body. This could be interesting she giggled noticing the droplets that lingered near my cock and balls. I could feel my resolve slipping quickly away. I was right! Questions followed by jolts of electricity and still her beautiful face was wreathed in cruel smiles. I’m ashamed to say I told her evrything but still it continued. “Just making sure” she smiled almost apologetically.

When I was finally released I did what she promised I would. I licked her boots. I begged for mercy. Willing to do anything rather than face more pain. Her smile was now one of tirumph as she led me through a series of utterly degrading tasks to please Her, before finally allowing me to leave, broken but blissfully happy.

From an Anonymous Slave

4th December 2016

Testimonial from slave Thomas


There is no doubt that the day i met Princess Lucina for the first time changed my life for ever. After seeing many Mistresses over a long time, I have had no desire to see anyone but Her since that day, and that was nearly ten years ago.

As soon as we met i felt the power of Her quiet, calm, understated dominance. Once W/we went into session i was totally immersed in Her and the situation. By the time i left i was in Her spell and have never left it.

Since then She has been the strongest influence in my life, using severe punishment to ensure i do the things i need to do and has helped keep me focused both on Her and on what’s important.

i am totally devoted to Her, and I don’t know where i would be without Her.

Slave Thomas

4th December 2016

Testimonial from slave Phil


My Princess Lucina, I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed our last session and cannot wait until the next.

Princess you are an exceptionally beautiful domme and despite your youth you are very experienced – the best I have experienced.

Princess you are very tactile and you communicate all the time with your beautiful eyes and sensual voice.

Princess I liken our sessions to a sensual roller coaster. You take me to levels I have not experienced before ? a wonderful balance of sensual and painful sensations. Absolutely wonderful. However you take great care to build up slowly but when you want, Princess, the pain can be severe, but you do it such a nice, almost soothing, way.

Princess, you are wonderful but even more wonderful in your catsuit & cape. I love to worship you all over wearing your lovely catsuit. You are so powerful in your swishy cape and I love to serve you in any way I can.

Princess I am here to please you and I will seek to do this better every time we meet.

Princess, until next time?

Your loyal slave phil

Slave Phil

4th December 2016

Testimonial from slave Paul


Hello Princess Lucina. Thank you very much again for our session on yesterday. I’m sorry I couldn’t e-mail you last night. I had some problems with my internet connection.

You are very beautiful. The pictures on your website look great, but they don’t do you justice. I was very nervous when I arrived, but you made me feel comfortable, which I am also very grateful for. I would also like to thank you for giving me so much of your time, not only for the session itself, but with speaking to me on the telephone before-hand and of course helping me to find my way to you.

I have received the pictures. Thank you for these also. I will have a look at the website in a couple of days as you said. Eek! Once again, thank you for both your kindness and cruelty.( An experience I shall never forget ). I would love to see you again soon. This will probably have to be post-xmas though ?? Rest assured, I will let you know as soon as I am able to visit again.

Take care of yourself. Speak to you soon. Love Slave Paul xxxx

Slave Paul

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