15th June 2019

A Testimonial

I very recently had the extreme pleasure of playing co-star alongside Princess Lucina, as the main lead, in a psychodrama roleplaying scene.

Over the years I have unfortunately needed to spend periods of time receiving legitimate medical attention whilst at the same time harbouring a unwavering fetish of judicial execution and have often wondered what would be if reality and fantasy were to merge and with the extremely talented Princess Lucina playing the role of doctor/executioner and myself playing the role of patient/prisoner I finally found out.

Let me say from the outset that where Princess Lucina differs from other Mistresses I have visited is that Princess Lucina actually listens to what her clients ask of her and delivers upon it.

From the moment you enter her premises you are made so welcome it is hard to believe it is in fact your first time visit. She is an extremely charming young lady with a meticulous eye for the minutiae of the experience you wish to encounter but somehow at the same time you also get the feeling – and the correct feeling at that – that she is in fact drinking you all in and working out how to provide the best possible experience to her client.

Prior to the mock execution I had aways wanted to attempt breath-play but had always been somewhat cautious of undertaking this activity. Under the careful guidance of Princess Lucina I was introduced to what can only be described as the most sensual, relaxing experience ever and as a consequence am now left wondering what it was I was so scared about in the first instance!

After a quick change of scene it was now time to be led to the authentic looking, iron barred prison cell and more importantly the waiting noose, hanging directly in the centre of the small dimly lit room. Having recited the official prayers for the condemned prisoner, whilst being forced to gaze upon the hanging rope that would soon be responsible for taking my life, it was indeed now time to be placed in the correct spot. As the restraining straps were tightened, the obligatory black hood placed over my head and feeling the noose being slowly and sensually positioned around my neck I will freely admit for one fleeting second of actually wondering to myself if Princess Lucina did actually realise that this was only a fantasy of mine and I did not in fact really wish to die! At this point, having had the last rites formally read out to me, I felt the noose begin to tighten around my neck along with a sudden feeling of intense euphoria, coursing through my entire body.

Thankfully, for myself and needless to say Princess Lucina, all too soon the noose was loosened and she very forgivingly allowed me to walk away from the rope and the prison cell. However, that does not mean I won’t be returning for a second visit and perhaps next time when she tightens that noose around my neck, well I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see…🙂

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