Mistress Bluebell

I am Sephie Bluebell also known as Mistress Bluebell, a Professional Dominatrix with years of experience fulfilling the fantasies of submissives and working with my fellow dominants.

I have tried the majority of popular fetishes and kinks but I’m always on the look out for new ones. I get so creatively fired up by someone introducing a new niche to me and usually can’t wait to try it.

One of my favourite roles to take is being a “little” domme, where I dress in the cutest of my ageplay outfits and demonstrate why you shouldn’t underestimate my youth. I also enjoy pet play, where I turn you into my little puppy, piggy, kitty, pony or any animal you please, including fictional ones.

Feminisation and sissification are very close to my heart, before I became the beautiful specimen you see on your screen I dreamed of a woman turning me into a little frilly girl, but now I am that woman and I know what sissies want better than most.